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G-Land Joyos Surf Camp Indonesia


About Project

The ideal season for G-land is May through October. This is the dry season, when trade winds blowing from the southeast groom raw southern hemisphere swell wrapping onto the reef at Grajagan creating some of the most perfect waves on the planet.

G-land is big, long, fast, hollow, consistent and lacks nothing.

This wave wraps and winds and barrels forever and ever. To make it from the top to the bottom is an experience that surfers return for year after year.

Grajagan is an enormous left hand reef, where long interval swell from the Southern Ocean lines up and unloads over coral and lava in several distinct sections: Kong’s, Moneytrees, Launching Pad, Speed Reef/Speedies, Chickens and 20/20s.

These sections of the reef all have very distinct and legendary characteristics but the important thing to understand about G-land is it is generally not for longboarders and definitely not for beginners.

Kong’s is the top of the reef, a wave that is not as long or hollow as the sections down the line. Kong’s is rarely less than three feet and is the most user friendly part of the wave, unless the swell is giant.

Moneytrees is the money part of the wave: a long, tubing section that is good up to eight feet.

Launching Pads is an outer reef that pops up on bigger swells and leads to Speed Reef: Fickle, but a 200-yard long barrel that can keep a surfer locked inside the barrel for as long as 12 seconds.

Down from Speed Reef, 20-20s and Chickens are softer waves for those getting their speed legs. And a couple miles inside the bay, Tiger Trails is a right-hander for envious regular foots. But be careful on the walk, it’s called “Tiger Trails” for a reason.