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G-Land Joyos Surf Camp Indonesia

About Project

There is rarely a flat day at G-land; the swell is constant and it’s rare that it gets below head height (Kong’s pulls every bit of swell from the ocean), so you generally won’t find yourself with too much spare time on your hands.

Even though you’re in the middle of the jungle with nothing around, there is still plenty to do when not surfing – and this makes G-land a great place to bring your significant other (even if they don’t surf)

Walk through the jungle – Explore the jungle tracks and immerse yourself within nature seeing only boars, monkeys, goananna, deer etc. – a truely amazing jungle experience. The jungle here is thick and tropical, unlike the dry arid landscape of nearby islands such as Bali or Lombok.

Frolic in the crystal clear water – Snorkel, spearfish or paddle-board the unlimited nooks and crannies of beautiful white sand beaches and bays.

Watch the raw power of the ocean – it’s hard to take your eyes off the wave at G-land, it’s just so raw, powerful and entertaining. During high tide, observe from one of the many hammocks or watch towers near your surf camp, and during low tide a grab a cold beer, walk across the huge exposed reef and watch surfers negotiate critical barrels from only meters away – one of the best live surfing events you’ll ever witness.

Take advantage of surf camp facilities – the surf camp facilities are second to none here and there is always plenty to do. Check the photographer’s daily snaps to see yourself riding a gem; play a little ping pong or snooker, stretch your muscles out with a little jungle yoga session or simply relax and reflect over the waves you just caught while straddling an ice-cold bintang at the surf camp bar.